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“that’s what I love you for; your inability to perceive all my hideous flaws”

The Time Traveler’s Wife ( AUDREY NIFFENEGGER)


download“But how will I know who my Soulmate is?” “By taking risks,” she said to Brida. “By risking failure, disappointment, disillusion, but never ceasing  in your search for love. As long as you keep looking, you will triumph in the end.”


In Memory of Loving You

The echos of your sweet nothings still linger in my ears, the wound you left, still un-healed betray my tears.

You walked into my life with vendetta in your eyes and I let you coddle me cognizant of the lies.

Devout promises and the bond grew stronger, charming guise and the craving got bolder.

Each meeting of ours noted down in my journal, Every single detail drunk from eyes and lived by heart each night- my catharsis.

The memories will haunt me forever, that I know, your kisses of manna, too good to be true.

The devil has cast its spell, now I must repent my sins, henceforth, I will love you forever and a day too, knowing too well you are not mine but I am yours for eternity.

Thorns and Roses

My love for you is like a garden filled with blooming roses,                                               Adorning an ethereal charm, veiling in deadliest thorns.

What an idyllic sight to behold, whispered my heart,Indulge in this miracle of life, Take a chance, take a chance.

Miracle? Oh foolish heart , don’t try to trick her again, urged my mind. This is nothing but a mirage, the thorns will prick your flesh and soul akin.

I have bled before, bled enough. Yet again, you are worth the bloodshed, worth the scarring. Let me bleed dear heart, let love flow.

The Artist

He splashes the paint on the white canvas, reds and yellows and blues.

Carving a beauty from nothing.

He doesn’t need to see her picture, she is alive in his memory, fresh as a bud.

Every careful stroke, every drop of paint brings back the curves and edges of her imperfect figure, which were perfect in his eyes.

The canvas evokes the memories of a time long forgotten, her face peeping out of it staring at a flower.

He never draws her gaze at himself, that would be too darn real, and he is just not ready yet.

Till then, he will keep on marring her beauty on the canvas, In hope that one day the colours will ease into his faded life once again.

Loving Him

She knew better, still she led herself to believe.

Believe him and his web of lies.

Lies which were white and black and every colour existing in the spectrum of loyalty.

Loyalty as fierce as a lioness, only leading her towards devastation.

Devastation of soul and beyond.

Beyond her ideas of forever, she could not fathom to un-love him.

Love, she realised has a bitter after taste.

Beauty and the Beast

Come hither, cried the beast.
‘Let me ravage your soul’ said he.

You are an enchantress, I am caught up in your spell.

‘Mercy’ weep the beauty, I am not mere flesh and bone, I have a heart which belongs to someone else.

The beast smiled, I never asked for your body alone, I know I have to capture thy heart to make you my own.

Your soul is precious and kind, your flesh is a beauty divine.

‘Mercy’ howled the beast, save my soul.

Both were cognizant of each others pain, but to save other was to drown thyself.

Hence, forever they lived together yet apart, in contempt yet content.