Mountain of Adamant


A tiny flame of hope;

flickering past the midnight moon

she is my back bone

she is my mountain of Adamant.

A soothing salve;

over my battered soul

She keeps me whole

she is my mountain of Adamant.

Staunch believer of mine;

in more ways than one

she helps me soar

she is my mountain of Adamant.

She is the calm before the storm;

and also the rain afterwards

gnarly, withstanding all

she forever will be my mountain of Adamant.




Please, do talk about me when I am gone.


When I am gone, gloriously but in a hush

When all that is left will be the memories

Reminding you of the good and bad days alike

Where we laughed and cried, then laughed some more

Where we made love and fought, then kissed some more

Where I was all you wanted and all that you craved

Please, do talk about me when I am gone.




I Lost; you and something more

I lost the fluttering of heartbeat

The stuttering of first ‘I love you’

I lost the anticipation of first kiss

The sweet relief of reciprocation


I Lost; you and something more.

I lost the ease of blind faith

The luxury of honest words

I lost the dewy eyed filter of my eyes

The innocence of a never broken heart.



I gained; myself and something more.

I gained the salve of self love

The will for setting free.


Maybe I loved and lost

but amidst the chaos, I found “me”

Familiar Strangers


We used to sit on the hood of your car

And talk about everything and nothing

Your fingers, almost touching mine

Silently asking permission for our lips to touch


The kisses and rants, a never ceasing trail

Glorified with the drapings of love and awe

Each one sweeter and deeper than the last,

My personal dose of rainbow and sunshine


A pang of tragic dwells in my heart

A silent reminder for what I lost

Memories marred by love blighted

All gone, now familiar strangers we are!


When We Part


When the day comes that I have to leave

And never look back

Don’t bid me with tear stricken face

Or guilt laden smiles


Know that it was my decision, and mine alone

Don’t irk yourself with ifs and buts

Ours was a tragedy not a love story

Doomed from the very first page


Our souls are made of one and the same

Will find each other once again

Another time, another life

When the stars are kind enough to let us kiss


Devil In You

Because you don’t pose what you are not
Or sugarcoat my shortcomings
Because you don’t give in to my antics
Or say things that soothe my ego
I owe to the devil in you.

Because you accomplice in all my lies
And dare me to cross each line
Because you bring out the insane
And urge me to bow down to nobody
I owe to the devil in you.

Stark truth, ever assessing eyes
Pin pointing each fault line
You fling the mirror in my face
And dare me to defy stereotype.

Angels with all their smiles and glory
Can never match your wicked ways
Sinner, with a flawed heart
Much love, to the devil in you.