3AM Rant

thI couldn’t sleep till 3am rereading your text and wondering what did you see in me that you are laying your heart down for a jarred soul like mine and thinking about all the reasons why I should say no to you and how perfect we are not and how broken I will feel once you will leave me because in my twenty years of existence people always leave sometimes soon sometimes sooner they leave and take with them a piece of my heart and then I am never the same again what will I do when you will leave me after I have shown you all my parts ugly ones too and then you decide that you don’t adore me anymore or what if you decide to give your heart to someone else I would be devastated because I would love you with all the fragments of my heart still left intact and then those will crumple down and leave a hollow ache inside me which will turn me into a shell of a person and these thoughts could not let me sleep all night but then with the first ray of sunshine came a ray of hope that what if you are right and we can have a perfectly imperfect fairytale and we can love again and stay in love forever?