Falling Out

I wish I could prolong,
what we had was true.
The memories are etched,
but the feelings are moot.

I tried, I tried in vain,
for love, to blossom again.
What once was an inferno,
is now just another flame.

You are numb to my tears,
I am indifferent to your fears.
Echos of always turns to ashes,
burns my heart, it crashes.

We’ll learn to live half alive,
better to leave than to lie.
Can’t fib, already sinned too much,
I am falling, falling out of love.


Love And Other Disasters

Green eyes, ruby lips
Beauty for devastation
A walking paradox of sin and salvation.

Whom to love?
Whom to trust?
You know what they say, it never lasts.

Confusions, inhibitions
Eyes eager for respite but none
All craves body, none lusts soul.

Drenched in glitter of hope
A girl can only dream
Love and other disasters.