An open letter to Vodka

Thank-you, for all the times you were there to help me forget, people and places. Thank-you, for all the times you helped encompassing me in your darkness. When I was vulnerable, you were my 2a.m companion, silently listening to all the outbursts and breakdowns. That being said, what I am not thankful for is how you creeped into my life with hidden vendetta. I never saw you as my life partner, it was just a passing fling, when you turned into a possessive handcuff I have no idea. Now these restraints are choking my very own soul. I may have told you my inhibitions in my moment of weakness, but I never expected you to trigger them for your own gain. The realization hit me so hard, I came crumbling down to my knees mourning all the lost time. I have learned the hard way what a vice you were for my aspirations, why did I lead you on for so long I cannot fathom. It’s goodbye from my end. See you again, never.


7 comments on “An open letter to Vodka

  1. Suze says:

    amazing! Beautiful testimony of problems related to over-indulgence of a substance. great job!


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