The first thought that crosses my mind when I hear the word “goodbye” is that what is good about them. How can parting be good? It is sorrowful nonetheless. Why do not we have the option of “sad goodbye” , “i could-not-care-less goodbye” , “i am glad-its-happening goodbye”, “bitter goodbyes” etc.

There are goodbyes for which we are more than glad like an unhealthy relationship , uninvited guests (happens with mom all the time *chuckle*) , resigning from an uncongenial office environment or transfer of a pain-in-the-neck boss. These kind of good byes bring more positivity and cheerfulness in our lives rather than gloom.

The most painful ones are which happen suddenly like the death of someone close, a break up or losing any precious belonging. They always catch us off-guard and evoke the most dreaded sorrowful emotions.

Goodbyes indeed shake us from the very core of our existence. I can never be sure how to handle any kind of goodbyes. Moreover, I like using the phrase see you later instead, as it gives a gleam of hope that the parting is not for forever, we will indeed meet again someday.

For me, the toughest goodbye was when I had to leave my highschool. It was an integral part of my existence. I had spent fourteen years there, had foes which will stoop down any low just to get me down , friends who were beside me since forever , crushes , controversies , goodtimes , badtimes , happytimes , achievements , failures, everything. It felt as if I am leaving my whole world behind. Even today, a part of me still longs to go back there where I use to reign and lead , but as it is said life goes on. We have to move forward , grow up , and leave the people and places behind in order to meet new people and go to new places.


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