An open letter to Vodka

Thank-you, for all the times you were there to help me forget, people and places. Thank-you, for all the times you helped encompassing me in your darkness. When I was vulnerable, you were my 2a.m companion, silently listening to all the outbursts and breakdowns. That being said, what I am not thankful for is how you creeped into my life with hidden vendetta. I never saw you as my life partner, it was just a passing fling, when you turned into a possessive handcuff I have no idea. Now these restraints are choking my very own soul. I may have told you my inhibitions in my moment of weakness, but I never expected you to trigger them for your own gain. The realization hit me so hard, I came crumbling down to my knees mourning all the lost time. I have learned the hard way what a vice you were for my aspirations, why did I lead you on for so long I cannot fathom. It’s goodbye from my end. See you again, never.


The Other Side of the Line

Today I want to talk about the other side of the story. Whenever you indulge in an argument and/or fight with somebody you can only see your side of the story, you do not know what is happening on the other side of the line and quite frankly are not even interested to know.

Some past experiences in my life have forced me to accept how flawed and self destructive this attitude can be. More than often it occurs that a mountain is made out of a molehill because of the over due influence of people involved in the argument. It is more of a misunderstanding than difference of opinions, we do not want to give any benefit of doubt to the other person. How dare he hurt me-let-me- hurt-him-more-attitude often brings down both sides.

There is a very apt saying that  ”Before you go out to seek revenge , it is best to dig two graves” , revenge is a self destructive force which brings down everybody who is involved directly or indirectly.

We live in a self contained, egotistical and overly dramatic era. Virtues like compassion and sympathy are as rare as pearls on the beach. Take out some time and ponder how much of a true friend are you to others and how many did you leave behind just because of petty issues like jealousy, misunderstandings, ego and whatnot.

Hence, the next time you find yourself caught amidst another ego fight, keep calm and try to put your feet in the other person’s shoes. Life is too short to live with grudges. Human is an error prone mammal. Learn to forgive with open heart and have compassion for everyone. Karma will take care of the rest.


The first thought that crosses my mind when I hear the word “goodbye” is that what is good about them. How can parting be good? It is sorrowful nonetheless. Why do not we have the option of “sad goodbye” , “i could-not-care-less goodbye” , “i am glad-its-happening goodbye”, “bitter goodbyes” etc.

There are goodbyes for which we are more than glad like an unhealthy relationship , uninvited guests (happens with mom all the time *chuckle*) , resigning from an uncongenial office environment or transfer of a pain-in-the-neck boss. These kind of good byes bring more positivity and cheerfulness in our lives rather than gloom.

The most painful ones are which happen suddenly like the death of someone close, a break up or losing any precious belonging. They always catch us off-guard and evoke the most dreaded sorrowful emotions.

Goodbyes indeed shake us from the very core of our existence. I can never be sure how to handle any kind of goodbyes. Moreover, I like using the phrase see you later instead, as it gives a gleam of hope that the parting is not for forever, we will indeed meet again someday.

For me, the toughest goodbye was when I had to leave my highschool. It was an integral part of my existence. I had spent fourteen years there, had foes which will stoop down any low just to get me down , friends who were beside me since forever , crushes , controversies , goodtimes , badtimes , happytimes , achievements , failures, everything. It felt as if I am leaving my whole world behind. Even today, a part of me still longs to go back there where I use to reign and lead , but as it is said life goes on. We have to move forward , grow up , and leave the people and places behind in order to meet new people and go to new places.