Dear 16 year old me

I know you probably do not want to hear this, having that rebellious streak as its the ‘in thing’ these days. Nonetheless, let me assure you your kindness will open many hearts for you rather than your tantrums.
I know its kinda hard to accept but yes you are pretty in your own way. Dont be hard on yourself, don’t deprecate your self worth by competing with others. Life is much more than just a pretty face.
Follow your passion, even if its something as lame as poem recitation. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel small about it.
Do not evaluate yourself on some bratty little hopelessly hopeless guy’s benchmark. Trust me, you are better off without him and his judgements. Sever ties which hurt you, social acceptance means nothing if it only brings inferiority.
You deserve unconditional love, absolute attention and devout care. You deserve to be appreciated and applaud. One day you will receive all of this and much more, just wait for the right guy.


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