In Memory of Loving You

The echos of your sweet nothings still linger in my ears, the wound you left, still un-healed betray my tears.

You walked into my life with vendetta in your eyes and I let you coddle me cognizant of the lies.

Devout promises and the bond grew stronger, charming guise and the craving got bolder.

Each meeting of ours noted down in my journal, Every single detail drunk from eyes and lived by heart each night- my catharsis.

The memories will haunt me forever, that I know, your kisses of manna, too good to be true.

The devil has cast its spell, now I must repent my sins, henceforth, I will love you forever and a day too, knowing too well you are not mine but I am yours for eternity.


2 comments on “In Memory of Loving You

  1. Amartya says:

    so goood

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