Confessions of a Dramaqueen

According to Google, Drama-queen means ”a person who habitually responds to situations in a melodramatic way” .

Today, most of the girls swear by this word , it completes their world. Lets just say their life is full of exclamation marks and CAPS LOCK. They can add drama even to the sanest situations. Drama queens can cry at the drop of a hat and make you cry harder. No day is just-a-normal-day in a drama-queen’s life.They feed upon controversial texting, scandalous Instagram updates and infinite gossip sessions. Life is never dull for them and they promise to keep yours scintillating till they are around. Drama queens take it as their birth right to bitch about anything and everything and label everyone as they please. Who ever is below them is branded as loser and whoever tries to go beyond, is a ”wannabe bitch”. Drama queens love their girlfriends and always got their back. They are always surrounded by haters, but that is the part of their job. After all, its their duty to gather dirt about everyone and expose them in sheer light *WINK* . You cannot become a drama-queen unless you know how and when to use your two deadly weapons i.e tears and smile. No incident can happen in your life without people knowing about it, either its a breakup or a patch-up , haircut or a foreign trip; if its related to you it ought to be important and hence to be noticed by everyone. We drama-queens, at all times are worthy of everybody’s attention. We are branded as self conceited but hello!! , haven’t you heard? ; Self love is pure love. Its indeed true at times we are difficult to handle or understand but whoever does so he/she becomes an integral part of our lives. We can find happiness in those little trifles of life like getting chocolates from your boyfriend , a phone call from an old buddy or breakup of a foe *chuckle* . We own invisible tiaras in shades of pink and wear them anywhere we go ; to reign others. We are capable of committing the darkest sins and can justify them with a puppy face and innocent smile. No doubt there are many instances where you will be back-stabbed and double-crossed but you have to be poised at all times and maintain your class. You cannot stoop down and give into self pity.


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