They cover it up with wrapping paper,
Those shiny or glossy types
Then tie up an artsy ribbon around it,
In hues of blue and red.

They’ll give you their dazzling smile
The million dollar one
And place in the palm of your hands,
Their pretty lies.

Awestruck at their charm, you don’t know how to save yourself.
And just maybe, you don’t want to.
So you ‘ll drink the poison and love them with all your might.

The liars and their lies no matter how pretty they are, will leave.
And always leave behind the ugliest of scars


Loving Him

She knew better, still she led herself to believe.

Believe him and his web of lies.

Lies which were white and black and every colour existing in the spectrum of loyalty.

Loyalty as fierce as a lioness, only leading her towards devastation.

Devastation of soul and beyond.

Beyond her ideas of forever, she could not fathom to un-love him.

Love, she realised has a bitter after taste.


The dear memories, which when lived,

drained my lungs laughing, now wouldn’t let me breathe.

What my eyes longed to see, shroud underneath the cloak.

What you chose to be, beautiful, perhaps was the only beauty to me.

Evening Date with the Universe

Thinking about u, sitting on the window sill of this ratty apartment.
A glass of rum in my hand, wondering

how did I lose the charm?

My soul, ever melancholic
Demanding answers from the star dust, god mother and those tooth fairies

Where did I go wrong?

The bitter taste of rum, evoke the bitter memories
They remind me how perfect I am not and why none loves me.

Goodbyes always leave me scarred.

Scarred and wounded, throwing my questions at the moon and stars.
Come on universe,

Why don’t you ease my soul tonight?

Beauty and the Beast

Come hither, cried the beast.
‘Let me ravage your soul’ said he.

You are an enchantress, I am caught up in your spell.

‘Mercy’ weep the beauty, I am not mere flesh and bone, I have a heart which belongs to someone else.

The beast smiled, I never asked for your body alone, I know I have to capture thy heart to make you my own.

Your soul is precious and kind, your flesh is a beauty divine.

‘Mercy’ howled the beast, save my soul.

Both were cognizant of each others pain, but to save other was to drown thyself.

Hence, forever they lived together yet apart, in contempt yet content.