Because she is like a hurricane

She will lift you off your feet and drown you in the deepest of solitude

She will not let you breathe in peace, she is used to creating havoc

She will evoke the deepest of fears and leave you vulnerable

Till you bow down and beg for mercy

She is like a hurricane but she is also the healing after!



She used to breeze in the corridors, looking down on everyone and everything

She knew she was a beauty of the ages, she had absolutely no modesty about it

Her long hair used to veil her beauty from those ever-present admirers, keeping her regality hidden from the lowly

She ruled the cafeteria like a proud queen, dictating the masses with the flick of her finger

Never she let anyone cross her path, not that anybody dared to do so

She demanded attention, she demanded praises, and she got both and much more in heaps

Fifteen years later, she is standing in the same corridor, reminiscing those bittersweet memories, how time has changed her and tamed her

Her highschool, the last time she ruled the world!

Yours truly!

She always knew she loved him a little too much, spoiling him with everything she could ever give and marring the preconceived notion of give and take relationship. She never expected lofty gestures of claiming his undying love for her or vows of forever and always. Her demands were a little more practical, she demanded his attention, his time and maybe some gratitude once in a while.

Though he was not very observant of her demands, he still tried to make do the best possible from his busy schedule. Whenever he used to return from a foreign trip he showered her with many expensive accessories, perfumes, make up and what not. Though many a times he would forget important dates like her birthday and often could not even make it on time for the parties or scheduled dinners.

She was good at hiding her disappointment and silently coping up with her sorrows, not ever demanding anything more than he could accommodate in his tight schedule but then one day it all changed. The day he decided to bring another woman in his life, she broke down, her son her one and only cherished companion was going to be snatched away from her and she could do nothing about it.

Her helplessness grew like a wild-fire in a dry jungle when she came to know that her son is going to move out of the country permanently after his wedding. She was remorseful, cannot even pretend to hold in her anguish and portray a face of merriment. Her son, baffled by her sudden change of attitude but not aware of the reason  termed it as a temporary phase and did not try to meddle in affairs even when she constantly gave a cold shoulder to his fiancée Tara.

The ice only broke when a few days before the wedding, Tara sauntered into her room with her Tab and started showing the pictures and layouts of the new house abroad, ‘and this will be your room Mom’ Tara told her casually. It was far from casual for the lady sitting next to Tara. She realized how orthodox and preconceived her notions were, how she blamed her son’s fiancée for creating riot in her little paradise. Feeling ashamed of herself and emotionally drowned out, little sobs started exuding her mouth.

That was the moment of edification for her and she realized that she has not been discarded from their lives and she has not lost her precious son, but has gained something more in the bargain, a daughter to cherish who will dote over her unconditionally.

Hello world!

That is it, I have been procrastinating it for too long! My first post – no matter how shitty it is, no matter if anybody will read it or not! This is going to be tough, keeping in mind my concentration span which is of a bumble bee. It’s not my first attempt in blogging, I have been doing it on and off on other sites from over a year. Now, I have vowed to religiously blog twice every week  no matter how tough the going gets. Initially, I would like to pick topics ranging in my comfort zone and then move on to ideas which will challenge my thought process and abilities. This is going to be a very bumpy ride, i will need your constant support, honest criticism and lots of remarks and insight. I am not going to rant anymore and let you decide yourself.

Hope this is going to be a more successful venture than the previous ones. I will be back soon (i think) . Till then, stay flawed.


too flawed and little fabulous.